Artur Davis, a former Democratic congressman from Alabama, who was a co-chairman in President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and spoke at the party’s national convention that year, flipped the script Tuesday night.

This year Davis, who left Alabama and moved to Virginia after failing to win the Alabama Democratic Party nomination for governor in 2010, spoke on behalf of presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney and encouraged Democrats and independents to have an open mind about the Republican ticket. takes a quick look at topics discussed in Davis’ 2008 speech before the Democratic National Convention and his speech Tuesday at the Republic National Convention.

Artur Davis on Poverty in 2008
“Ladies and gentlemen, 20 years ago, I watched the Democratic Convention on a little TV in a tiny motel room in Montgomery. My mother and grandmother and I were forced to live in that room for three weeks because our home had been foreclosed. The fact that I could go from a foreclosure and watching this convention on a tiny hotel room, to standing before you and the nation, 20 years later, nominating the next president of the United States, tells you very little about me, but tells us everything that is right about my country.”

Artur Davis on Poverty in 2012
“Of course, we know that opportunity lies outside of reach for some. We don’t need flowery words about inequality to tell us that. And we don’t need a party that has led while poverty and hunger rose to record levels to give us lectures about suffering.”

Artur Davis on Democrats in 2008
“My fellow Democrats, my fellow Americans, I have never seen a moment like this. I have never seen a sense of urgency like this. I'm 40 years old, and I've never seen my country as energized as this.  As our next president has said, "From the places in America where people hurt, to the places where people dream, our time is now."

Artur Davis on Democrats 2012
“There are Americans watching right now who voted for the president, but they are searching right now because know that their votes did not build the country they wanted.

To those Democrats and independents whose minds are open to argument, listen closely to the Democratic Party that will gather in Charlotte and ask yourself if you hear your voice in the clamor. Ask yourself if these Democrats still speak for you.
When they say that we have a duty to grow government even when we cannot afford it, does it sound like compassion to you, or does it sound like recklessness?”

Artur Davis on Barack Obama and Democrats 2008
“I am honored to second the nomination of the man whose victory tonight takes us closer to becoming what we know America can be, ladies and gentlemen — a place where who you are now, a place where — where you come from — a place where all of the things that may hold you back pose no permanent barriers, where our destiny is what our God and our dreams determine it to be.”

“… And, ladies and gentlemen, this is the cause for which we stand: An American president named Barack Obama, who will lead and inspire the Free World; an American president named Barack Obama, who will stand for the rule of law.”

Artur Davis on Barack Obama and Democrats 2012
“Maybe we should have known that night in Denver that things that begin with Styrofoam Greek columns and artificial smoke typically don't end well…Maybe the Hollywood stars and the glamour blinded us a little: you thought it was the glare, some of us thought it was a halo."

“…John Kennedy asked what you can do for America. This Democratic Party asks what government can give you. Don’t worry about paying the bills.”

“Bill Clinton took on his base and made welfare something you have to work for. This current crowd gutted the welfare work requirement in the dead of night and won’t tell the truth about it. This is no dark hour. This is the dawn before we remember who we are.”

“….So may it be said of this time in our history — 2008 to 2011, lesson learn. 2012 mistake corrected.”

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