Dr. Rachael Ross Says ‘Know Your STD Status’

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  • A Los Angeles-based porn star says he regrets hiding his test positive test results for syphilis from a producer.

    An STD scare recently shut down the porn industry temporarily so that the actors could be tested.

    You may not have plans to star in a professional, amateur, for that matter, porn film, but knowing your health status and that of your partner(s) is something that simply cannot be left to chance, health professionals say.

    “Mr. Marcus’ apology reminds us all that some things you just can’t apologize your way out of,” relationship and sexual health expert Dr. Rachael Ross posted on her Facebook page when the news broke.

    “I hope the industry considers having a centralized group of clinics do their testing,” she wrote in another post. “The verified results could be instantly obtained online. I guarantee that he is not the first nor the last to falsify STD results.”

    The actor, known as Mr. Marcus, told Adult Video News (AVN), a trade industry publication, that he learned in July that he had tested positive for syphilis and was given a penicillin shot and told to abstain from sex for 7 to 10 days.

    Another test, 11 days after receiving the shot, showed Mr. Marcus still had syphilis in his system, but he went on to shoot a sex scene.

    The producer did not check the Talent Testing Service (TTS) database, which would have flagged the actor’s status. Instead, Mr. Marcus showed the producer a copy of the test results on his cell phone, but covered up the part that showed the results for syphilis.

    “I showed that my HIV was clear, my gonorrhea and chlamydia were fine,” he told AVN. “You didn’t see the syphilis part of the test because of the way I showed it.”

    Mr. Marcus, who admitted he hid results from another director, said he finally came forward after reports surfaced last week of a syphilis outbreak among porn performers, prompting a 10-day halt in filming so more than 1,000 actors could get tested.

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