When to Leave Your Newborn

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  • One of the most challenging decisions new mothers make is deciding when it is okay to leave their newborn with others.

    Canadian journalist Rebecca Eckler received first-hand experience when she decided to leave her newborn with her fiancé’s mother and nanny to take a 10 week vacation.

    “My fiancé runs a charity golf tournament every summer in Mexico,” Eckler said. “I will be tagging along, not to golf, but to lie around, read, visit the spa, and eat a lot of guacamole.”

    Eckler, who wrote about her experience on Mommyish.com found that her vacation time was beneficial for both her and her baby.

    “A happy mom makes a happy child and you know your child better than anyone else.”

    She proudly declared on the website: “Yes, I’m ditching my baby….I think that, even from his early age, I’m teaching him a sense of independence.”

    Not everyone could empathize with Eckler’s choice.      

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