Al Roker Wages War Against the “Today” Show

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  • According to media reports, Al Roker is “doing everything he can to undermine the ‘Today’ show … trashing the anchors, sabotaging live moments … and it seems to be a part of a plan to avenge the firing of his bestest friend in the world, Ann Curry.”

    Roker made another dig this morning during a live segment with Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie. Al was trying to explain why he pulled a weird frozen face for 17 confusing seconds during a live segment last week. When Savannah joked about Roker being a perfect fit for a wax museum, Al shot back, “We ARE in a wax museum, so it all works out pretty well.”

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    4 thoughts on “Al Roker Wages War Against the “Today” Show

    1. Mr Al Roker is doing what Gabby couldnt do he is calling THEM OUT…We can tell by his comments if he loses his job he is not concerned he is standing up for what he saw was wrong…We as black people never do this watch and learn,,,,,,,We as black people never do this cause the white MAN will FIRE YOUR A**AND YOU DAM WELL KNOW IT ..THANKS MR ROKER FOR REMINDING US HOW ITS DONE WITH SOMETHING OTHER THAN LIP SERVICE IN THE BREAK ROOM HE IS DOING IT ON FOR ALL TO SEE…AND ITS NOT ON THE DOWN LOW….

    2. I applaud Al for standing his ground and voicing his displeasure over how Ann Curry got treated. He’s brave. But I wonder would Ann have done the same for him, if the situation was reversed?

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