Mariah Carey Upset Over Minaj Nod

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  • According to reports, Mariah Carey is unhappy about the possibility of Nicki Minaj taking a fellow seat at the "American Idol" judges table.

    Sources say that Carey is upset because she was told she would be the only woman on the panel. Plus, people say Carey is threatened by Minaj's age, Carey is 13 years her senior.

    If the deal goes through, the judges will be Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Randy Jackson.

    People say that "American Idol" executives are concerned with the all black panel and are searching for another male star to compliment the group.

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    8 thoughts on “Mariah Carey Upset Over Minaj Nod

    1. It’s disappointing that she would even agree to be a judge on American Idol. It seems that only the celebs who need to sort of jump start their careers are the ones who agree to appear on the show. I think AI has lost it’s luster from a few years ago. If you’re asked on, it’s not good news.

    2. The only woman?? is M.C. serious? Is that the American way? The name AMERICAN Idol would certainly imply that. I say let Nicki do her thang, she’s cute, funny and will fit in perfect only because the show itself is a joke. Excuse me for telling the truth but I think if you swung a dead cat you’d hit several people who think like me. The tryouts are hilarious! Its the only good part of the entire show.

    3. Let’s be realistic about having an all black panel we all know that midle America won’t watch it so just get real. Nicki has no talent and no business trying to judge people who are coming for a singing contest. Randy should have been replaced a long time ago he is tired. Mariah wants to be the only woman on the panel and I don’t blame her. Bad enough that she relented to do this stupid show.

    4. They should be concerned that no one cares about AI at all.Why would they be concerned about an all Black panel? They were not concered with the all white panel. What a load of crap!!!!! That is exactly why this stupid show is headed( in my opinion) for the end of the road.

    5. It just proves that when people (and corporations) are desperate, they do desperate things. Nikki Minaj…..for real???? They might as well ask Kim K, too. Then at least Nikki wouldn’t be the only talentless judge on the panel. They would be in good company with each other. LOL!

    6. Not a Mariah Carey fan…..I remember she did an interview in 1989, and was pissed off the the people called her black……She caught a lot of slack for that…..However when ever her ass needs to make money, she is always grinning in black folks faces……

    7. I think what matters is that Nikki Minaj is talentless!!! How can she be a judge of someone’s talen when she suck! I think American Idol is going for popularity vs. talent. I think Mariah would be a great judge as she has HELLA talent, but as for Nikki, they need to keep looking!!!!! BTW, I dont think anyone is watching that show anymore anyways. After the first couple of weeks when the funny auditions are over, no one really has interest. At least I know I’m not. lol…

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