Male Birth Control Pill Possibly Ready for Testing

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In the live mouse studies, the molecule effectively caused the mouse to be infertile. After the mouse was taken off the molecule for several weeks, he became fertile again with only one side effect.

"The only significant side effect we've seen has been mild weight loss," Bradner said. "For sure, some people would not be too upset with this."

Although birth control pills for women have been successfully administered for years, there has been no effective irreversible method proven to work for men. Previous attempts to develop a male birth control pill have resulted in adverse side effects. William Bremner of the University of Washington believes it’s easier to stop a woman’s ovulation process in comparison to keeping a man from developing over millions of sperm.

"The difficulty of fully suppressing these millions of spermatozoa produced daily compared to the relative ease of preventing the production of one ovum per month in the female," Bremner wrote in an article accompanying the new research.

Bradner and his team said that they will continue their molecule trials in dog studies until they can progress in making it available for humans. They hope to include the molecule in drugs that can be taken daily, weekly or monthly.

"We've yet to consider the ideal properties of this medication," Bradner said. "But we could very likely respond to the demands of men interested in this type of therapy."

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