VH1 Cancels ‘Ev and Ocho’ After Domestic Battery Arrest

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“Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series ‘Ev and Ocho’ from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it,” the network said in a statement released this afternoon.

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5 thoughts on “VH1 Cancels ‘Ev and Ocho’ After Domestic Battery Arrest

  1. This shall pass whether they go their separate ways or try and work things out both of them need anger management courses. The relationship wasn’t very healthy from the start in my opinion. They needed more time to get to know one another.

  2. Folks,for real.This is just another example of the stupidity presented to those who
    Look up to these so called stars.But stars can do some very stupid things too.But
    Fellas,ya can’t go around head butting folks.Your azz can be sent to the cage too
    Despite your status as a so called star…

  3. Evelyn, run for the hills. I don’t know how you can recover from the backlash of this. How can you feel safe when he is going to blame you for his downfall? The destruction of his career is his own doing, do not blame yourself. When you gave him permission to sleep with other women on national tv, you set yourself up for a not so happy ending. This time it is your head but as the chips begin to fall, and the money dries up all those assets will find their way to the auction block and the sell of each, he might blame you and that could send him over the edge to more physical danger, is he worth it? We say for better or worse but if you experience the worse in a month, what’s next? He is liable to have women in every bedroom expecting you to understand. Condoms so soon is a sure sign he has no intentions of being faithful but you knew that. He never pretended he would be even on tv. It might have been a ploy for you both to cash in but at this point now that the show has been cancelled you need damage control at this point. I am sure you probably knew in your heart it was going to be difficult but that desire to get to the altar took over, we have all been there. You deserve better, go earn your own money and be the woman that you know you are and one day, Evelyn he will come running to you. Look to God for strength and He will surely bring you through. OBAMA 2012

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