Ex-Minister Tries to Commit Suicide After Being Found Guilty

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  • Rev. James Richard Harris of Belle Glade, Florida was found guilty of performing two sex acts on a 15-year-old boy.

    64-year-old Harris was accused of drawing in young boys by promising them connections to exclusive football scouts and NFL attention.

    He also was found guilty of filming a 14-year-old girl and her boyfriend having sex in his home.

    After being found guilty, Harris tried to stuff a handful of white pills in his mouth in an attempted suicide before being apprehended by officers. He was escorted out of the court on a stretcher.

    Harris faces 80 years in prison for his acts.

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    4 thoughts on “Ex-Minister Tries to Commit Suicide After Being Found Guilty

    1. Why do some cringe after reading this article? Is it because this dude claims to be a man of God?..Or is it because this preacher man is having sex with other males,our sons.Lev 18 ch 22v warns that men having sex with other men is an abomination.Is this the reason we cringe?.Or is it because those sons were underage?.Should this preacher man be sent to that hell I’m sure he warned his flock about?.It looks as if he is in a rush to get there,after spending time in the cage.

    2. I’m glad they didn’t let that cowardly pervert take his own life. The children that he violated have to live and continue to suffer for what he did to them. He needs to suffer (on this side) for what he did. THEN, we will let God deal with his suffering in HELL.

    3. This is so sad and disgraceful! Why didn’t they just let him swallow the pills and get it over with. If this is his choice why not get grown men and women why pick on the young and underage?

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