SportyAfros Shines through Gabby’s ‘Hair-Gate’

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Williams emphasizes that the information provided on the site helps eliminate the excuses.

“I think SportyAfro cancels out 80 percent of the excuses that black women consistently have and most of those are around hair. Recently, we had a swimming workout and where we showed what we did before we entered the pool, that actual workout that we were doing and some other ones people can do, and then what we did afterwards, “Williams said.

“I have emails from people and their like ‘well I can’t swim.’  I’m like I swim 3 to 4 times a week. If I’m doing it and I represent the Black woman. Why can’t you?”  Williams added.  “I never knew how to swim so that kills the other stereotype. I learned how to swim and I worked at it and I went to classes…There’s no reason why you can’t.”

SportyAfros is not only receiving attention from Black women, but men and women of all races and backgrounds have turned to the site for information.

“There’s been a lot of support from men. That’s been the biggest thing on the comments, white men, Asian men. Men are coming out and they are sick of it. They are tired of women coming up with ‘Oh don’t touch my hair’ or complaining about other people and their hairstyles….You gotta find solutions about it,” Williams said.

The informational website also provides information on nutrition by offering recipes for those who live a vegan lifestyle to meat lovers.

“Really our site is just giving them that great foundation to a holistic healthy life from the inside out,” Williams said.

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2 thoughts on “SportyAfros Shines through Gabby’s ‘Hair-Gate’

  1. Gabby & President Obama have a lot n Common, They both made HISTORY …… so U ALL have a Problem ..”
    Then Hate On…….

  2. Gabby & President Obama have a lot n Common, They both made HISTORY …… so U ALL have a Problem ..”
    Then Hate Onnnnnn.

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