Romney Stumbles in Running Mate Announcement

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  • NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — With the political world watching, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney misspoke while introducing his running mate.

    Romney introduced Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on Saturday as the next president of the United States. Ryan has been tapped to serve as Romney's vice presidential nominee.

    It was the first time they appeared together as the Republican presidential ticket.

    Romney puts arms around Ryan and clarified his mistake before Ryan took the microphone.

    Romney says that he makes a mistake every once in a while. But he says he didn't make a mistake with his selection of Ryan.

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    One thought on “Romney Stumbles in Running Mate Announcement

    1. Mister Mitt,Your flip flopping ways are dogging you.You have flipped so much you can’t remember who you picked for vice president Paul Ryan is the dude you picked.Your after the presidency remember?.Paul Ryan is about equal to Sarah Palin.We know you are pleading with the red necks for their votes.Sorry but some folks in the south see through you as a double talking,flip flopping Yankee.

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