Rev. Jesse Jackson Sets the Facts Straight on TJMS

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  • A lot of speculation and rumors have surrounded the recent medical leave of Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. who is currently being treated for depression and gastrointestinal issues at the Mayo Clinic in Minn.

    His father, Rev. Jesse Jackson spoke with Roland Martin on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to provide the facts of his son's condition and to clear up recent rumors regarding his son Jonathan Jackson.

    Jackson Sr. said on Jesse Jr.'s recovery that "he is responding to treatment, he is regaining his stength, [but] he has gone through a tremendous challenge"  acknowledging that "there is no timetable attached to this kind of challenge."

    Rev. Jesse Jackson  is "convinced" there will be a full recovery and admits that he and his wife "had no sense of what he was eternalizing" because this kind of condition "kind of slips up on you."

    Jackson Sr. recalls a visit his wife made to their son and she left thinking "something didn't feel right" before the family brought him to the hospital for treatment.

    He also now recognizes the prevalence of depression saying, "so many of our people are facing depression about treatment…good news we caught it in time."

    He told TJMS the report that son Jonathan Jackson will replace Jesse Jr.'s seat in Congress is false, saying "such a statement was pure fabrication, untrue, unfair, Jonathan has expressed no interest in politics."

    Finally ending on the topic of Jesse Jr.'s return to Congress, Jackson reiterates the family's "preouccupation" is with Jesse Jr.'s health, "what he does in the future is a secondary issue" although he is hopeful for his return.

    Listen to the full interview here.

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    One thought on “Rev. Jesse Jackson Sets the Facts Straight on TJMS

    1. Hopefully Jackson Jr. is getting the help he needs, many suffer with bi-polar and it never hits the news. What I don’t understand his how his father, Jessie that had an affair, fathered a child much like Arnold is still in the news. OBAMA 2012

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