Prosecutors Release Confidential Zimmerman Evidence

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  • According to the "New York Daily News," Florida prosecutors have accidently released important evidence from the George Zimmerman case to the public that was not supposed to available.

    The items included a photo of Trayvon Martin's dead body, zimmerman's college transcripts from Seminole College which displayed Zimmerman's academic records, including a stint on academic probation.

    The information was accidentally put in the "supplemental discovery" release from the special prosecutor Angela Corey's office, which is usually released to the media.

    Soon after a representative from Corey's office sent an email to reporters who received the confidential information, informing them that the photo of Trayvon Martin could not be released due to Florida's state law.

    Zimmerman is currently seeking a "Stand Your Ground" trial which will allow charges to be dropped against him.


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    2 thoughts on “Prosecutors Release Confidential Zimmerman Evidence

    1. I am so sick of this. They keep leaking out information so when there is trail, Zimmerman will go free. They are trying so hard for this to be a mistrail. when it comes time to select a jury, there will be no one who as not heard about this case. Oh God, where is the justice for this young man….

    2. The attorneys are really trying to get a mistrial. That released information WAS NO ACCIDENT. I feel so sorry for Trayvon’s parents. I still remain hopeful for justice.

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