Study: Stressed Men Prefer Heavier Women

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  • A new study found that men who are stressed are more attracted to heavier women.

    Researchers at the University of Westminster in London recruited approximately 80 men to participate in the study; half of the men were subjected to stress-inducing tasks. After the group completed the tasks, the men were asked to rate the level of attractiveness of females with body types ranging from extremely thin to obese.

    In comparison to the group of men who did not complete the stress-related tasks, the stressed men rated females with heavier physiques higher in attractiveness than those who were thin.

    "Our body size preferences are flexible and can be changed by environment and circumstance," explained Martin Tovee, one of the study's authors.  "We need to understand the factors shaping body preferences."

    The study’s findings question the stereotype that men are ideally attracted to females that have a thin, supermodel-like build.

    Study authors believe that the results are consistent with past research that shows how stress can be a significant influence on attractiveness.

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