Kilpatrick’s Lawyers Try to Hide His Past from Jurors

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Ferguson is accused of manipulating his access at the mayor’s office to pull in million-dollar contracts.

Mercado’s lawyers requested that he has a separate trial to avoid a conviction by association.

"The jury will see evidence that the codefendants received bribes, gifts, sham donations, misappropriated donations and private jet flights worth over a million dollars, just to name a few sources of illicit income," Mercado's lawyer Marty Crandall wrote in a recent filing. "Mercado, on the other hand, received absolutely nothing beyond his salary."

Court records indicate that Mercado believes he was extorted by the ex-mayor.  He is threatening to release information about Kilpatrick that has remained untold, which may make him a secondary prosecutor in Kilpatrick’s case.

All four men are accused of organizing a criminal enterprise through the mayor’s office. They face charges of bribery, extortion, and fraud. Each of the men claims that they are not guilty.

The trial is scheduled to begin on September 14 and is expected to last up to four months.

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