Pupil Dilation Detects Sexual Preferences

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Study results found that heterosexual men exhibited strong pupillary responses to women and very little to men. However, women showed pupillary responses to both sexes. These results prove, as did previous studies that women experience a different type of sexuality than men.

This new research also sheds light on men’s bisexuality. In former studies, bisexual men based their sexual identity on romantic and identity issues rather than physiological sexual arousal. However, the pupils of bisexual men in the most recent study responded to both men and women.

"We can now finally argue that a flexible sexual desire is not simply restricted to women — some men have it, too, and it is reflected in their pupils," said Ritch C. Savin-Williams, co-author and professor in Human Development at Cornell. "In fact, not even a division into 'straight,' 'bi,' and 'gay' tells the full story. Men who identity as 'mostly straight' really exist both in their identity and their pupil response; they are more aroused to males than straight men, but much less so than both bisexual and gay men."

Researchers believe the new findings can aid in understanding the two sexualities better while revealing a variety of sexualities that have gone ignored. 

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