Pupil Dilation Detects Sexual Preferences

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  • Researchers found that pupil dilation can now reveal a person’s sexual preference.

    A new study from Cornell University found that when a person’s eyes are dilated and examined using a specialized infrared lens they can determine their sexual orientation.

    Researchers examined the dilated pupils of study participants as they watched erotic videos.

    Results found that a person’s pupils widened when a video featured people the participant was most attracted to, thereby revealing if they were heterosexual or homosexual.

    Previous studies commonly relied on people talking about their sexual preferences or were based on genital arousal alone. These types of methods faced many problems.

    "We wanted to find an alternative measure that would be an automatic indication of sexual orientation, but without being as invasive as previous measures. Pupillary responses are exactly that," said Gerulf Rieger, lead author and research fellow at Cornell. "With this new technology we are able to explore sexual orientation of people who would never participate in a study on genital arousal, such as people from traditional cultures. This will give us a much better understanding how sexuality is expressed across the planet."

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