Ten Things to Know About Child Support

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  • In commemoration of Child Support Awareness Month, there are important facts and information to know when giving or receiving child support. This appropriated amount of money is used to provide food, shelter, clothing, and overall care for a child. In many cases child support can also include medical coverage and payment for a child’s extracurricular needs such as tutoring, sports, lessons, and vacations.

    Child support often lies at the center of the drama experienced by many estranged parents. In an effort to prevent fights and arguments and correct misinformation, here are ten essential things you should know about child support.

    1. Even though men are the most common providers of child support, women make up 15 percent of people who pay child support.

    2. The average child support payment in the United States is $430 a month.

    3. Nearly 30 percent of custodial parents don’t receive one cent of the appropriated amount of child support even when it is court-ordered.

    4. There is no national guideline on how to determine an adequate amount of child support. Each state evaluates its own calculations.

    5. Child support is tax-free income for the parent receiving it. However, it is not tax-deductible for the parent paying it.

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