Study: 18-29-Year-Olds are Still Awaiting Adulthood

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"Finishing school has become like a given. It barely felt like an accomplishment," Prant said.

Many young people believe that you don’t have to have a degree to get a job. According to the survey findings, 66 percent of respondents believe that it is possible to land a good job without a college education.

"I know many people who did not go to college and are doing just fine," said Liz Marz, 27, a New York makeup stylist and a graduate of the University of Indiana at Bloomington.

The study also showed that 36 percent said that the most important factor of being an adult is accepting responsibility for yourself.

Brandon Smith, a 20-year-old junior at Texas A&M University at College Station said his parents helped him learn this valuable trait by allowing him to make his own decisions.

"They're right over your shoulder watching to make sure you don't ruin yourself but not jumping in every five seconds like when you were younger," Smith said.

This national study is not the first time this new life stage has been the topic of discussion. The Society for the study of Emerging Adulthood is fully dedicated to researching this new age group.

"Now that this has emerged, it will not go away," said Jennifer Tanner of Rutgers University and the society’s vice chair. "It reached peak mass."

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