Jim Greer Reveals the GOP’s Part in Voter Suppression

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Greer’s career with the party began to take a downward spiral when his consulting firm, Victory Strategies, LLC illegally held over $200,000 while he was chairman. Party officials claimed that Greer did not make them aware of the firm. Initially, the former chairman denied owning the firm and later admitted ownership only to general counsel Jason Gonzalez. According to reports, Greer threatened to sue anyone who went public about his firm’s dealings.

In the deposition, Greer claimed that he is owed $130,000 in severance pay which was promised by two party officials.

Greer made headlines in 2009 when he accused President Barack Obama of trying to indoctrinate socialist ideas upon school children during his public address about the importance of education. The speech was aired on the C-SPAN Network and webcasted in schools across the country. Greer later withdrew his accusation.

He also played a key role in appointing Michael Steele as the first African American leader of the Republican National Committee in 2009.

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