Jada Pinkett Smith Tweets Bikini Pic: ‘We Do Get Better with Age’

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  • Jada Pinkett Smith wants her Twitter followers to know that this is what 40 looks like.

    The actress and wife of Will Smith tweeted the above photo of herself at the beach.

    Smith has said she shapes her physique with regular boxing, yoga, martial arts and hitting the gym five days a week. When it comes to diet, she goes for the so-called superfoods like salmon and blueberries.

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    31 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith Tweets Bikini Pic: ‘We Do Get Better with Age’

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    25. Good for her but then this must mean that the Smith household have hired a cook. Since Jada admitted that she can’t hook up no home-cooked meals.

    26. if i looked this good i’d be tweeting/Facebook as well. Rock it girl, dap to your bad self. giving credit where credit is due

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