When Bad Things Happen Around Box-Office Hits

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In wake of the Aurora theatre shootings, Warner Bros. is considering a delay for the new Ryan Gosling film “Gangster Squad.” The movie includes a scene in which four gangsters are lined up behind a movie screen ready to open fire on the audience. Film executives have already pulled the film’s trailer and are considering a 2013 release.

It is difficult to decipher if bad timing can truly affect the success of a film during a tragedy.

"After congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot last year, people spoke of politics being more civil forever and now, only a year and a half later its back to normal," Ronn Torossian, CEO of top PR agency 5WPR, told reporters. "Movies will be the same. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have both temporarily pulled negative campaign ads in Colorado and as sure as I am that their negative ads will return, so too will regular marketing for ['The Dark Knight Rises']."

Films like "Training Day" and "Phone Booth" aren’t typically remembered for their associations to a tragedy.  Although the “The Dark Knight Rises” carries a national tragedy on its tail, it appears that it won’t affect its box-office success.

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