When Bad Things Happen Around Box-Office Hits

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  • The theatre shooting last week in Aurora, Colorado is not the first time a tragic event has happened around a movie.

    In 2001, the September 11 attacks posed a challenge for many Hollywood filmmakers.

    The box-office release of “Training Day” was delayed because film executives believed it would allow the public to support New York’s Police Department rather than support a film about police corruption. The initial “Spider-Man” trailer had to be altered since it featured the Twin Towers in the superhero’s robber-catching scene. "Men in Black II" also experienced a delayed release since the ending was originally intended to take place at the twin towers.

    The 2003 thriller, “Phone Booth” featuring Colin Farrell became all too real in light of the Virginia sniper killings. In the film, Farrell becomes the target of a sniper when he answered a pay phone. The Virginia sniper killed a total of ten people.

    Ben Stiller’s comedy “The Watch,” which is set for a July 27 release, was altered due to the Trayvon Martin tragedy involving neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman. Producers for “The Watch”, which was originally titled “Neighborhood Watch”, had to change their promotional poster because it featured a neighborhood watch sign containing bullet holes, an unnerving reminder of the Florida tragedy.

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