Tamia Talks Music, Marriage, and Motherhood

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In terms of making music, does it give you a greater sense of creative freedom because you have a husband who makes good money and making a profit is not as much of a priority for you?

I think that people work for other things other than just a check. I definitely like to be paid for my work and I do well on my own. But yes, my husband makes money. I would consider myself to be a smart businesswoman, so I'm not trying to go out there and spend money and have it not make any sense. Everything that I've tried to do music wise and even the things that I do in my career, I try to be very conscious of the money aspect of it. But I do have a certain amount of creative freedom because no, I don't need it to keep the lights on.

 A lot of artists have done reality TV to create more exposure for themselves and their careers so it's now seen as a promotional angle. Is that something that you would ever consider?

I've been asked by myself, Grant and I have been asked together – it's just not something that we want to do.

You've been asked about "Basketball Wives" and have said you don't consider it to be realistic to the women married to players that you know. What's your take on it?

I don't think it's far to put anyone in a box. It puts basketball wives in a box and I don't want to be in a box as an artist, I don't want to be in a box as a woman and I certainly don't want to be in a box as a black woman.

 Given that, what do you think people would be most surprised to know about your life?

I think just how much hustle is involved in everything that we do with my husband playing and with myself running the label and being the artist and then juggling our children and dealing with both of our health issues to a certain extent. I don't know if people have a perception that it's all perfect, but if you look at just the last couple years in both of our lives, we've had a lot of [challenges] health wise and those are things that take a lot of strength to get through. Because we aren't as public, people don't necessarily know those things. I think they would be surprised at how much juggling is going on.

You mentioned health challenges.  You went public with the fact that you have MS some years back. How is your health and how are you able to manage it in such a stressful business along with being a wife, mother and businesswoman.

I really have to listen to my body. I have to make sure that I take care of myself. This business can be stressful and thank God I have a lot of great people that I work with who help navigate it all. As far as my health, I'm doing very well but I work at taking care of myself. It takes work to stay healthy.

 You and your husband have been married 13 years. You and Eric Benet are singing at the vow renewal ceremony. Since you've been married all those years, what do you think has most contributed to the longevity of your relationship?

You definitely have to have communication. That is the key, especially when you have two people that are both working and when you have children. It's great to know that somebody has your back. Life is mountains and valleys and sometimes I needed to be pushed up the mountain and my husband was right there, pushing me up there. That's an amazing feeling when you have a connection with someone at such a deep level. But to me communication is the key. I don't expect him to read my mind.

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