We all like a nice pampering once in a while, but now a study has been released that may cause people to rethink that trip to the nearest salon.

According to the study, chemicals found in cosmetic products like hair spray, nail polish, and perfumes may possibly increase the risk of diabetes in women.

Researchers examined eurine samples of 2,350 women in search of phthalates. Phthalates are commonly found in toys, electronics, and personal care products. And  also serve as a risk-factor for Diabetes.

Researchers found that women with the highest amounts of phthalates, were also two times more likely to have diabetes compared to women with less amounts of the chemical in their system.

The information was published in the "Environmental Health Perspectives," which is distributed by the government's National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

Although the findings have found a link between the chemicals and Diabetes, the researchers were unable to definitively say phthalates cause Diabetes. Or establish the effects of Diabetes on the presence of the phthalates in one's body.

According to one doctor, phthalates are so prevalent in our everyday lives; including household products and even dust, it is hard to link it to one specific origin.


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