Separate Bedrooms Can Save Your Marriage

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  • A new study found that couples sleeping in separate bedrooms are likely to have a happier marriage.

    Research developed by the National Sleep Foundation discovered that 25 percent of couples slept in separate beds. Many couple admitted that they don’t sleep with their partner due to disruptions like snoring, constant trips to the bathroom, tossing and turning, and night sweats.

    The National Association of Home Builders expects that 60 percent of custom-built homes will include dual master bedrooms in the year 2015.

    “It’s important for couples facing these issues to try their best to avoid being influenced by negative social stigma and [others’] judgment around sleeping apart and be as creative and innovative in finding solutions that work for them,” said Manhattan psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona.  

    Although sleeping in separate beds can help individuals get better rest, many people believe that it comes at the price of losing romantic connections.

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    One thought on “Separate Bedrooms Can Save Your Marriage

    1. NO WAY!! My wife[and Soulmate] and I, prefer to sleep in the same bed!! Separate TVs maybe, we sleep better, together.

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