Venus Williams’ ‘Priorities’ Don’t Include Campaigning for Obama

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3 thoughts on “Venus Williams’ ‘Priorities’ Don’t Include Campaigning for Obama

  1. While President Obama does give the civil rights movement its props for him being in the White House. He’s had to position himself as to not appear exclusively just the president of black America. Yet everybody is supposed to be so understanding, give me a break! I guess because DC didn’t catch up them, the male athletes are being let off the hook. This smells of male chauvinism. This smells of sexual bigotry. This smells of a double standard.
    Venus was at least honest when she said she is not an expert on economic policy. Mitt Romney ain’t connected with the Olympics this go-round. So it’s not like she is in his corner.

  2. Venus,
    If that was really what you had to say DAMM girl what the hell is wrong with you answering like that re-read what THEY CLAIM YOU SAID!( Right now, my main focus is the Olympics coming up, and then the U.S. Open is right after that so for me those are my priorities),”YOU SOUND LIKE YOU ARE ON ROMNEYS TEAM.BLACK WOMAN STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY,,,,ALL YOU HAD TO SAY WAS YES I WILL AND BE DONE WITH IT……and this(I’m a professional athlete, so I’m really, you know, I know a lot about sports, so I’m not an expert in economic policy, so I would be, you know, remiss to comment on anything like that. But I can tell you I’m very excited to be a franchise owner) OF WHAT? YOU SOUND LIKE A CRACK HOE…i WILL NEVER WATCH YOU AGAIN,,,,GO BE A frachise owner….DUMB ASS YOU MADE BLACK WOMAN JUST AS WHITE AMERICAN CLAIMS EITHER MAD OR ALL ABOUT YOURSELF….I WILL NEVER WATCH YOU AGAIN YOU professional athlete AND franchise owner,,AND OH JUST CAUSE YOU GOT $ SURE AS HELL DONT MAKE YOU SMART…AGAIN IF YOU SAID IT..

  3. Venus,
    How could you let an anti-Obama reporter catch you off guard like this? I know that as well as your personal tennis skills, you accredit the civil rights movement also as the reason that got you where you are today! President Obama gives civil rights the praise and he is President of the United States. If you are looking at your success as “the have’s and the have not’s”, then you are no better than Mit Romney. The notion that you are too busy to at least give a positive response about President Obama is incomprehensible. Go ahead with your bad self. But, remember, what goes up, always comes down.

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