Dr. Steve Wheeler Talks Migraines

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Karen Spencer knows all about it. The pastor’s wife and former teacher has suffered from Chronic Migraine, a condition in which patients experience migraines 15 or more days per month, each lasting four hours or longer, since age 9. The pain is so debilitating that sufferers often miss out on routines, as well as important, events in their lives.

Last year, Spencer was too sick to celebrate her 32nd wedding anniversary.

Luckily, the Pittsburgh resident will get a second chance. With help from a headache specialist, who is helping her find a treatment plan, she has been able to tell her story for the national Rewrite Your Day contest. She won the contest and will finally get to renew her vows and celebrate her anniversary at a party July 17, organized by celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss.

The Rewrite Your Day campaign aims to raise awareness of the disabling symptoms and burdens of Chronic Migraine.

WebMD also lists common migraine triggers and what to avoid, including excessive caffeine use, alcohol, certain cheeses and food additives.

Wheeler’s site also lists medications used to prevent or treat migraines, administered under a doctor’s care.

Click here for answers to your migraine questions.

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