Get Off Your Flight Faster For a Fee

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Hobica believes that even though many carriers do not currently offer such a fee, it is only a matter of time.

"I never thought they would start charging for carry-on bags, or even for pets, so you never know," Hobica said.

Charging additional fees has proven to be an asset for the airline industry.

So far this year, U.S. airliners have profited $816 million in baggage fees and $631 million in fees for changing flight reservations.

"I think it means the difference between profitability and financial disaster for some airlines," Hobica said.

In October, Spirit Airlines will charge passengers $2 to print out their boarding passes at airport kiosks.

"We are encouraging customers to print their boarding passes before arriving to the airport," Spirit Airlines spokeswoman Misty Pinson said. "This allows us to keep costs lower and we, in turn, pass this savings along to our customers."

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