Gabrielle Union Dishes On Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Affecting Her Career

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4 thoughts on “Gabrielle Union Dishes On Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Affecting Her Career

  1. In response to “new’s” comment above: Yes, black entertainers – whether they’re actors, sports stars, etc, are held to a different standard than their white counterparts and the Caucasian audiences a bit more forgiving of their fallen heroes than African American audiences. Even though it may not be fair, it doesn’t excuse us from behaving inappropriately either. While I don’t know the facts behind Wade’s divorce, I’m sure living with his girlfriend while the proceedings went on, sure didn’t cast either of them in a favorable light.

  2. It’s life. People move on. Gabrielle situation only sucks because it was highly publicized and subject to public scrutiny. People just feel so darn entitled to comment on things they know nothing about. It’s great her and Dwade found love. :)

  3. Her fooling around with a married may have had some negative results on her career but Angelina Jolie’s career is still going strong I think and nobody really said too much about that.Brad Pitt had some drama with Jennifer Anniston but it was’nt talked about much.But his career seems to be okay.Black actors and entertainers behaviours are always held at a different standard.And Fantasia’s career seems to be on hold also.But I hope that they become wiser and learn from their bad decisions as they grow older.

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