VIDEO: Beyonce Upset about Lauryn Hill Joke

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7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Beyonce Upset about Lauryn Hill Joke

  1. if you don’t see that there is more to Lauryn Hill’s situation than what you see in the media then you need to wake up! How many white Actors and Singers have been accused of Tax Evasion….seriously. it’s a lot bigger than what we know…

  2. Who cares people joked and talked about michael jackson for years and still do even during his most down time of his life going through a situation he was accused of something he didn’t do but did it stop anyone from joking and expressing their opinions. people have their own opinions about people though it might be harsh but what else can you but move forward.

  3. Of course Bigsmoke, I understand that but her situation is still no laughing matter. We all put ourselves in certain situations but that doesn’t give anyone the power to kick you while your down. I’m a firm beleiver in if your not going to help someone, don’t talk negatively about them. You just never know what state of mind they are in. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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