Little Known Black History Fact: The History of Barbeque

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  • The word barbecue and the open-fire cooking technique came from the Caribbean amongst the Taino people around the late 17th century. The word barbecue itself means “sacred fire pit.” The unique way to cook meat spread into Spanish, French and American cultures when slaves were brought from the Caribbean.

    In the Southern United States, barbecue initially revolved around the cooking of pork. Prior to the American Civil War, Southerners consumed five pounds of pork for every one pound of beef they consumed. Plantation owners regularly held large and festive barbecues, including "pig pickin's" for slaves. Because of the poverty level in the South during that time, every part of the pig was eaten immediately or saved for later. During the Great Migration, many of the southern slaves moved to northern cities, taking their cooking techniques like barbecue along, which quickly spread across the country.



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    One thought on “Little Known Black History Fact: The History of Barbeque

    1. ? Came from Taino or Correction they need to say the Kalina peoples of the Caribbean named after We~… Pacific Islanders & Polynesians practice the same style to… Who got banana leafs to steam fish in the pit to.~ with Co co nut Cream Water…

      We Traveled the World well over 1000AD and brang our Culture to the Amazon and the Caribbean all the way up to Florida sister tribe Seminole Territory, who practice the same~…​photo.php?v=136077773114190​&set=vb.150521668316453&ty​pe=2&theater

      We Build Big Canoe~… & Cook for All~… #1 We are not Greedy Barbecue Cookers & We Don’t Fabricate the Truth ! Ask About Our History And You Will Recieve Nothing But The Truth. We Are The Ancient Kalinago Tribe of Peoples Who Warriors Fought Against Colonialism To With Excaped Maroons from Africa & Madagasca… & oyeah let us not forget New Guinea peoples who jumped off European slave ships~… Please get to know our important documented history better for the sake of all peoples of many culture, colors involved in keeping it real, before you make things up out the blue or have incorrect information sources.. And

      Further more if you want to get more indept on the Barbecue Subject & African American True History, you can cross referenace the Gullah/Geechee Nation at ‘ ‘ who’s Ancestors served in the everglades of Florida during war times and also to add more, the African Bushmen Warriors that escaped slavery and found refuge among the Seminole Warriors at the time hunting Aligators in the everglades, feeling well adapted in the enviorment, that they were already use to, because of experience hunting more agressive Larger Crocodiles species in Africa to Barbecue also in the same way, like many other fish and meats for survival and sustenance… Carib Words … canoe,” “tobacco,” “potato,” “hurricane” and “barbecue.”

      Nothing is new under the SUN peoples, even thow some would like you to believe it is.

      thank you from the Caribbean Islands by the Archipelago sea~… Kalinago Warrior… DVL…

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