New Study Links Spanking to Mental Illness

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Tracie Afifi, the study’s lead author believes that there are other parenting options and discipline methods that can be used instead. Some examples include time-outs, withholding privileges, and offering consequences outside of physical contact.

Dr. Howard Bennett, a pediatrician and clinical professor of pediatrics at George Washington University School of Medicine recommends praising children for their positive behavior. Dr. Bennett suggests using “time-offs” rather than “time-outs.” During the “time off” process, a child is excused to another part of the home and can only return when they stop the offending behavior.

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One thought on “New Study Links Spanking to Mental Illness

  1. All the people I grew up with got “whuppings.” Black kids and white kids!! We didn’t get BEAT DOWN, but we got our behinds whacked, and my Granny would take a switch to our legs. Funny that when kids DID receive spankings at home and got “paddled” at school there were no children killing other children.

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