Thursday Morning Mom: Cora Mitchell

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Ms. Cora also helps take care of her kid’s father that is in his final stages of cancer (the doctors have said it’s nothing else they can do). Ms. Cora has been separated from her husband for over ten years but when he was diagnosed with cancer she put all difference aside to help care for him. Around the same time her best friend was diagnosed with cancer. I submitted a letter a couple of months ago nom inating Ms. Cora. I stated that she loves to travel and I would love for her to take a trip with her two best friends (One of which is battling cancer).

This past Sunday Ms. Cora lost her best friend to cancer. I would really like for Ms. Cora to take a trip so that she can relax and have time for herself. I am so blessed to have a WONDERFUL mother in law and I would love for her to be awarded your Thursday morning mom.



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