Ex-Facebook Employee Exposes Founder in Book

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  • A new book by an ex-Facebook employee is exposing some of the company’s deepest darkest secrets.

    In her new book “The Boy Kings,” Katherine Losse sheds light on some of the company’s insider issues including sexism and a nepotistic culture surrounding CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

    Losse began her career at Facebook in 2006 working in customer service and later became a ghostwriter for Zuckerberg.  She left the company in 2010.

    The former employee claims that the company idolizes Zuckerberg so much that women employees were required to wear T-shirts with his face on it. Male employees were required to wear Adidas shoes in honor of the CEO’s favorite shoe line.

    Losse described the company climate as cult-like and said Zuckerberg would end staff meetings by saying: ““Domination” or “Revolution.”

    “The gender coding was clear,” she wrote. “Women were to declare allegiance to Mark, and men were to become Mark.”

    Her book also exposes the controversial behavior of many Facebook’s male employees. Losse claims that some of the men made inappropriate passes and comments to their female cohorts. She wrote that one male employee who was married propositioned a female co-worker for threesomes. She also shared that another male employee told a woman “I want to put my teeth in you’re a**?”

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