TJMS Talks with Ice-T

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  • Ice T may now be better known to TV fans as Detective Odafin Tutuola on “Law and Order SVU,” but to rap fans, he’ll always be the guy who put his then wife, Darlene, in a veeery revealing bathing suit on the cover of his now-famous1987 album “Power.”

    Now in his 50’s, Ice T was one of rap music’s most popular MC’s, as loved for his no-BS interviews as he was controversial for his song “Cop Killer.” Oh, the irony that he now plays a TV cop and has for the last 13 seasons. But all those TV episodes must have paid off as Ice now goes behind the camera to helm the new rap documentary “The Art of Rap.” It’s a look at hip-hop’s most prolific MC’s and their approach to their craft. No battles, no video models, no entourages, Ice T just talks to male and female rap artists about how they do what they do. We caught up with Ice T to ask him about this documentary and what we might learn about hip-hop in this doc that we didn’t in some others.



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