Fatherhood Affects Men’s Behavior

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A study published last fall by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences discovered that men experience a drop in testosterone levels when they become first-time fathers.

Michael Simmons admits that he’s experienced the study results first-hand since the births of his 3-year-old daughter Halle and 18-month-old son Jayden.

"I'll be driving somewhere and feeling like I have more responsibility. … I wasn't a very risky person at all, but now I have that voice in my head," Simmons confessed.

This study is one of the first to research the impact of parenthood on adults rather than the child.

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One thought on “Fatherhood Affects Men’s Behavior

  1. Couldn’t be more true. From the time I became a father, my perspective on life has changed. Much of what was once important to me no longer is. My main focus now revolves making sure my little girl and other little girls and boys like her have rock solid self-esteem. As a matter of fact, I created a team of black children that become superheroes, the Fearless Five, for that very reason. http://www.fearlessfive.com.

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