The Business of Incarceration

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  • If racists were ever looking for a strategy to enslave black people again, they need only look to Louisiana.

    According to the Times-Picayune, the Bayou State now imprisons more of its people – one in 86 adults – than anywhere else in the world. Among black men from New Orleans, 1 in 14 is incarcerated, while one in seven is either in prison or on probation or parole.

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    3 thoughts on “The Business of Incarceration

    1. I have always said the court systems are designed to place the Black man in prison for the use of slavery. It is a money making business, used to get cheap labor, from the blacks, while also keeping them off the streets, because of their fears.

    2. Agree. We are losing the “gap” of young black men, from the ages of 18-26 years old! We must combat this dilemma, with strong Mentors!

    3. This is a wakeup call to black men. We all know there racism in America, so why would we make it so easy for them. Black men must take responsiblitiy for their lives.

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