Bobbi Kristina Won’t Attend Bobby Brown’s Wedding

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4 thoughts on “Bobbi Kristina Won’t Attend Bobby Brown’s Wedding

  1. Why is it that most people remember honor they father and thy mother..but don’t know Fathers, provoke not your chidren to wrath…??? Bobbi Kris is grown and showed NO DISRESPECT by not attending the wedding. Her father knew she was not attending because WE knew she was not attending. If she and his new wife do not get along, she did not need to be there to detract from the happiness of the day.

  2. The Bible Say Honor Thou Mother and Father and our days will be longer…..At the end of the day Bobby is still her father and Bobbi Kristina should respect that and not allow the media to make her miss out on having a living and willing parent that loves her and wishes to extend his happiness.”Be Happy for your Father Bobbi K”

  3. The widower? They were legally divorced when she died she he is not a widower. Also Bobbi is considered an adult and if she chooses not to attend the wedding I don’t see the problem . She is- IMO still greiving for her lost. You just don’t get over things like this in 3 months and why go and fake as though she likeshis future wife if she does not?

  4. Be as it may, Bobby’s genes are still in her. She and step mother may not hit it right now but that is not to say that things can’t be smoothed out between them. The ball is in Bobbi’s court. Times have really changed, generally the widower would wait a while before taking up with a new wife. It’s not even a year yet. I’m sure the tabloids and TMZ got the inside scoop.

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