Identity Theft – What to Do if Your Identity is Stolen

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    When your private financial information gets into the wrong hands, the consequences can be devastating. Yet there are many ways you can help protect yourself on a daily basis, from taking precautions while online to checking your credit report periodically.

    If you should fall victim to identity theft, it is important that you act quickly. Contacting the correct agencies and filing the necessary reports will go a long way toward minimizing any damage to your financial wellbeing.

    Who to Contact

    Credit Bureaus: Immediately contact the fraud departments of each of the credit bureaus listed below. Alert them that you are a victim of identity theft, and request that a fraud alert be placed in your file. You can also request a security freeze, preventing credit issuers from obtaining access to your credit files without your permission. This prevents thieves from opening up new credit cards in your name.

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