Jeff Johnson Commentary on Mothers Day

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And we have to celebrate the "I’m married and love it, we both work cause we have to or cause we’re called to, I am a professional or even an executive, and I cook on the days he doesn’t, better than Clair Huxtable" moms.

And you may not know many of them, but there are the "I earn it ALL, cause that’s what we agreed to, my man is a real man that stayed at home with the kids, supporting my career advancement, I am bigger than Kimora, power broker" mom.

And last but not least there is the "I am not a woman, but for whatever reason mom is gone, and I am the single dad holding it down anyway I know how, like so many of my single sisters do" mom.

So if you fit into any of those boxes, or if I missed the kind of mom you are. I just want to say thank you to the "read to their kids, great mix of discipline and tenderness, I keep myself together for me and my kids tight for them, I show up at the school, and do homework at home, realize I don’t know it all, but will learn what I don’t know, committed to leaving a legacy" moms out there.

There are all kinds of moms out there and we love you ALL. Thank you for playing a role in making the future brighter, for every great woman and man enters this world through his or her mother. So I would ask that as we celebrate you, that you value and remind some that forgot (or never learned how to value) the most blessed job you could ever be given; that you are the gateway to all life. Cherish it, no matter your circumstance and the world will be better for it.

Join me Sunday 5-7 p.m. on my Internet show THE INTERSECTION at as my mother and I talk with other generations of mothers about the 10 things every mother should know.

Happy Mothers Day.

I’m Jeff Johnson and that’s my truth.


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