Jeff Johnson Commentary on Mothers Day

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  • As you well know, or I hope you do, this Sunday is Mother’s day. And I just wanted to spend a moment celebrating ALL the mothers out there. And I do mean ALL the Moms.

    You know those "single, I never wanted to do this by myself, but this guy just can't get right, so I hold it down" moms.

    And the "I never wanted this baby, but I thought it would make him stay even though he left, and he doesn’t see the kid, but I still let him hit" moms.

    Also the "I’m lonely, so my kids are my best friends, take my daughter down the street to fight that chick and put it on Youtube, when keepin’ it real goes wrong" moms.

    But you have to big up the "I’m single for whatever reason that I am not explaining to you, balling out of control or broke, I got this financially, I want a man but won't compromise for one, my kids are together" moms.

    And you got to give it up to the "my kids come first and I use them as an excuse not to advance myself, oh woe is me, pity party with my other lazy momma" moms.

    But then you have to celebrate the "my kids come first as I push every other waking hour to advance myself, so that I can be an example of work ethic, on my momma and my grind, man or not" kind of moms.

    And whether you realize it or not there are the "same sex, I don’t care what you think, we are going to raise this child, born to us or adopted, because we have love to give" moms.

    But you can't ignore the "don’t forget that all mothers are not single parents, I have a husband and I hold down the house and these babies, not to fulfill am antiquated gender role, but because this is what I do, I’m the black June Cleaver" mom.

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