C.O.C.O. Brown is an entrepreneur, published poet, media consultant, voice-over talent, song writer and artist manager. Consistent with his spirit, Brown believes “to be or to be more … is the better question.” At this stage in his life, he’s even more certain that he can be much more. And he wants that for you too.

I tease him about being a relationship guru because of all of the fabulous updates on his Facebook page. Two of his recent posts:

– Ladies, don’t always listen to your auntie and bff’s telling you to choose your battles or hold it all in with men in relationships. Unless the game is on, we can hear you nagging underneath your breath. So at times, just inhale then exhale and gently tell him how you really feel. He feels YOU.

– If you realize that there are fewer jobs available, you have to become better qualified at your skill set to improve your chances for employment or you may not eat. If you realize that there are fewer potential spouses available, you have to become better qualified at your skill set to improve your chances for a relationship or you may not LOVE.

Of course, I asked him about that, but we talked about much more. Join the conversation here.

By the way, C.O.C.O. Brown is also a musician. “Piece of Independence” was released in February of ths year. This song was actually recorded in a studio jam session back in 2003 with Drew Lane and Rick Watford, and it sat in the crates for years untouched, like others. The lyrics stood to rebuke the spirit of independence that was happening in conversations of the day in favor of man and woman having a mutual need for one another’s love and affection. Saunders Sermons, a talented vocalist and trombone player, is showcased on the hook.

Nikki Woods is senior producer of “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” The author of “Easier Said Than Done,” the Dallas-based Woods is currently working on her second and third novels. You can friend her on Facebook or follow her on Twitter: @nikkiwoods.

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