Dorinda Clark Cole Finds Value in Being Still

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  • One of life’s biggest mysteries for me is learning the art of being still.

    According to an ancient African proverb, “You cannot see yourself in running water.”

    In her book, “Value in the Valley,” author Iyanla Vanzant says, “Only in the stillness of mind and body can we come to ‘know’ what action to take and in which direction we should move.”

    But let’s be honest- being still and listening to the quiet voice of God inside of you is hard enough when things are going well. So when things are not going so well, or even worse – when nothing seems to be going right – hearing that voice is like listening for a whisper in a crowded stadium during the Super Bowl.

    How do you experience peace when there are a million different thoughts, voices and conversations running through your head all at the same time, and the majority of them are negative? It’s hard to admit that I own that struggle more often than most would think, blaming it on my faith muscle that may have deteriorated under the strain, stress and negativity or using traumatic experiences in my past to give in to what I know is not the truth.

    One of the most consoling realities to remember when we are going through any kind of struggle is that we are not alone – and never have been.

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