If you don’t think Christians have a sense of humor, then you must not know Akintunde. The Christian comic is well known in comedy circuits for his commitment to clean comedy, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be funny.

His new DVD “The Truth, the Whole Truth, and Nothing But” was released this week. The third of his DVD releases, it was filmed at Atlanta’s World Changers Congress Church and it covers everything from relationships to aging. Of course, the church gets its share of fun poked at it, but its all part of Akintunde’s plan. The comedian was once a secular comic, but he felt that it was affecting his spirit and his marriage. When his wife became a Christian, she prayed that he would follow that path, and after a chance meeting with a businessman he admired who helped him accept Jesus Christ, Akintunde was converted. But his comedy had to be converted as well, and at first it was a struggle as he’d already achieved a measure of success.

“At that time even though I wasn’t one of the filthiest comedians, my set was not godly at all, and I cursed a whole lot,” he told CBN.com. “It got to a point where every night was a struggle because I was saying things that the audience liked, and it was funny. But it was grieving my spirit. It would be times when I was onstage and I’m having the best set of my life up until that point and inside, every joke, my spirit is like, ‘Uhhhhhh!’”

He made the switch in 1999 and to his surprise things only got better. Since then, he’s written for “The Mo’Nique Show,” “It’s Showtime at the Apollo,” “The NAACP Image Awards” and comedian Chris Tucker.

“It’s amazing, and as soon as I got unfocused on being a quote-unquote star in the Hollywood way, that’s when more doors started to open. I got more TV writing credits after I became a Christian. Before I kind of struggled along and I would get things here and there, but then I got hired for three TV shows in one year.”

Akintunde’s syndicated radio shows “The Akintunde Show” and “The Rebirth of Comedy Laugh of the Day” are now in 44 markets around the country.

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