You Tell Me: What Should We Chat About Here?

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  • Hi. My name is Sybil. I work, rarely take a sick day, pay my mortgage and other bills on time, tithe, volunteer, vote in most elections, check in with my relatives from time to time, floss daily, remember most birthdays – but apparently, what I don’t do is blog enough.

    Here’s the thing: I am fortunate enough to work on a nationally syndicated radio show for four hours a day, five days a week. If I can’t give my thoughts and opinions during that time, I’m not doing my job. But some folks have been “conversating” about Why Sybil Doesn’t Blog More Often.

    Suggestions have been made how to make this task easier for me. The latest was most generous: Let’s have Sybil talk with another friend on the regular after the radio show. We could make notes during the convo and print it in blog form. As generous as that is, after four or five hours in a studio, as my co-workers and friends will tell you, more often than not, I’m all talked out.

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