The Dream Lives On

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What struck me – and has stayed with me – is the young people and children in attendance. Some came on their own, others brought by a relative, family friend or teacher. The young people talked about what Dr. King’s dream meant to them, but the passion came when they shared their own dreams.

How great was it to see kids perched on the shoulders of a parent! And the conversations the parents were having with the children as they made that four- to five-mile trek from Dunbar to the King memorial site. They talked about Dr. King and what he meant to this country and to the world. But then the direction changed, as the parents asked the kids what this day looked like to them and what their dreams were.

I so commend the men and women who included the children and young adults in this event. Even if your young charge was a tad bit too big to carry on your shoulders, it was obvious that you remembered those people on whose shoulders you stand, and now you continue that tradition. The dream lives on!

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