How Deep is Your Love?

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We will respond next November by actually going to the polls and taking people with us. No one stays home. Don’t take anything for granted.
We will recover by making sure, as we always do, that our people are taken care of, no matter who is in office.

Today we re-launched our Relief Fund. We started it after Hurricane Katrina and have used it in other emergency situations, like the earthquake in Haiti. We cannot ever depend on one entity to rescue us.  We’ve survived all this time in this country – first as slaves, depending on families that we had to create ourselves. We’ve looked to our neighbors, our churches, community organizations, our teachers, HBCUs and of course, God, to bring us this far. That will never stop.

So, for the life of me, I can’t understand why when he have a black president who is doing us proud, some people want to put everything on his shoulders to make him responsible for everything we don’t have or that’s going wrong.

The TJMS, Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, the NAACP, the Urban League, Rev. Jesse Jackson, black churches, and hopefully the Congressional Black Caucus are here to bring attention to injustices, give support and have our backs. That’s they’re there to do.
No matter who is elected in 2012, we will still need each other, but I believe we will be better off if we give President Barack Obama the chance to finish what he started.

How deep is your love and commitment to Black America?

If you want to help your brothers and sisters hit hard by Hurricane Irene, we’ll accept your donation to the relief fund, no matter how you plan to vote. But if your love is as deep as I think it is, I believe you will want to ride it out together in 2012, too. Let’s not panic and lose what we’ve already gained. Let’s re-elect the Big Chief.

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