Tom Gets His Flu Shot

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  • Tom Gets His Flu Shot

    See if Tom takes it like a man or cries out “DONNA!” when he gets his flu shot, live on the TJMS.

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    3 thoughts on “Tom Gets His Flu Shot

    1. Ask Tom Joyner is he aware that Jews in the banking business, as well as other whites with all of these interest charging (usury) institutions do not charge interest to Jews? Yet, he, Russell Simmons, and a lot of other black entertainers are forever pushing these cards that are hustling black folks, but letting their own kind off without usury, which is “legalize stealing.” And especially Jews, who do NOT charge Jews, because it is against their Judaism religion. — Rev. George Brooks

    2. Sybil said on the show today regarding the victims at Sandy Hooks Elementary School that all the victims (Children) were 6 years old and in kindergarden. They were 6 and 7 year old first graders. This seems minor but have the facts correct regarding these sweet souls.

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